Bakugan Baku Sky Raiders Jaakoor

Bakugan have once again invaded the stores with their all new Baku Sky Raiders. These Bakugan have been greatly improved from the older version
of Bakugan where it was only roll and pop. Now these new Bakugan actually have the ability to “jump” when they pop open! These new Sky Raiders come in different shapes and figures. Jaakoor is a new Sky Raider Bakugan that will make a perfect addition to any Bakugan collection. This set comes with one Baku Sky Raider, one ability card, and one gate card.

The set is a small set that will help add to your collection. The Jaakoor Sky raider is a blast to play with! This particular Bakugan is filled with a ton of detail and comes with really strong springs that can really make this Bakugan take to the Skies! These Bakugan are fun to watch but be a little difficult to set up. The springs are the hardest part because it actually takes some pressure to get the feet back into position because there is a large spring inside of the feet. Overall this set is small, but does not lack any action. The new Baku Sky Raiders are a great improvement from the regular Bakugan and can really make any Bakugan fight exciting!

You can purchase this new Sky Raider at Toys R Us

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