LeapPad In Stock at Toys R Us!

No matter how hard anyone tries, it is way too hard to get a LeapPad into your hands. Parents all over the country have been fighting for this cool new gadget for their kids. Everywhere I look the LeapPad is sold out, stores are having hard time trying to keep this tablet in stock, but this Saturday, 12/10/11 Toys R Us is going to have a solution that will surely have parents stop their search for this hot and hard to find toy! This Saturday at 6:00 A.M Toys R Us will be restocking on their LeapPad tablets all around the country, every Toys R Us in the nation will have the LeapPad back in STOCK! Hurry up and grab yourself one of these cool new Toys before Toys R Us runs out!

We also have a tracker for LeapPad online, check it out LeapPad Tracker

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