Bakugan Mechtogan Thorak

Bakugan, Bakugan, Bakugan! When you here the name Bakugan, what is the first thing that hits your head? Probably the fact that Bakugan are just your average battling balls! Although people know Bakugan for their famous battling balls, they also have battling action figures as well which you can use in your bakugan brawls! There are different figures to collect, but one of my favorite Mechtogan in the new Mechtanium surge Bakugan series is Thorak. Thorak is an aquos type Bakugan with 210 G’s. This Mechtogan Bakugan is in the shape of a dragon and comes equipped with movable blades, arms, legs, and tail! This Mechtogan is $12.99 MSRP and comes with one Thorak Mechtogan, one Card activator, one ability cad, and one instruction manual.

After using all of the Mechtogan Bakugan, I can easily say that Throak looks the coolest, and has one of the nicest designs! Once his blades are out and he is fully extended, this Mechtogan really looks prepared to fight any Bakgan who dares to challenge it! Thorak also has an activation point on his back that will allow you to reveal his secret ability. This activation point takes Bakugans famous POP open ability and makes these Mechtogan a lot more fun to play with. The activation point can be switched on by a quick swipe with the activation card. This will reveal Thorak’s wings and dragon head. Overall this Mechtogan Bakugan is by far the coolest Mechtogan in the series. He comes equipped with cool blades and a lot of movable parts, and not to mention the great detail on this Mechtogan! Thorak is a lean, mean, destroying machine that can help you win your next Bakugan brawl!

You can purchase the Bakugan Mechtogan Thorak at Amazon

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You can purchase the Bakugan Mechtogan Thorak at Amazon

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