Crayola Fun Coloring Set

As parents you start to realize how much kids love drawing. Kids have always found a way to turn a rainy day into a sunny day with crayons, colored pencils and so much more! By putting their imagination on to a piece of paper, it allows them to express or show other people what they are trying to say. At Toys R Us a new Crayola Fun Coloring Set is being sold for $14.99 and comes with all of the Crayola utensils you can possibly think of. This set is a great way for your kids to loosen up and begin drawing, because the set comes with 48 stickers, model magic presto dots kit, 5 glitter glue tubes, 64 crayons, 8 washable markers, 3 pip squeak markers, 30 pages of construction paper, and a stencil.

The set comes with well over 100 things for your kids to do! This set can make any day into a Crayola day because the set comes with so many different crayons, markers and construction paper for your kids. Drawing is a part of any kid’s life, and no matter how hard any kid try’s, they can never resist the temptation of drawing, and with the new Crayola Fun Coloring Set you will be able to satisfy your kids coloring craves!

You can purchase the Crayola Fun Coloring Set at Toys R Us

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