Lego Ninjago Kai’s Blade Cycle

In the world of Ninjago there are always bad Lego’s that want to take over the world, but a group of Ninjas stand in their way! The all new Lego Ninjago series continues to throw out cool new Lego sets that include Dragons, Ninjas, and even large buildings. In this new Lego Ninjago set you can play as Kai as he tries to stop Rattla. The set comes with 188 Lego pieces and is $19.99. The set comes with a Lego mini-figure Kai and Rattla, Kai’s Blade Cycle, and a golden harpoon staff and two ninja swords.

In this set you will notice that kai is wearing different gear than his usual ninja suit; the armor looks great and is filled with more detail than his original suit. In the set you can play as Kai as you fight against the evil Rattla with his Golden staff. The battle is not going to be easy, but you do get a Blade cycle to help take out the villain. The Motorcycle may seem like just your average vehicle, but it can transform into a Motorcycle with BLADES! Kai isn’t prepared to let Rattla get away, and now you can decide whether Kai can stop this Menace from running away!

You can purchase this new Lego set at Toys R Us

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