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Tonka XT Hands On Review

Have you ever played with a remote control car that constantly flips over every time you hit a small bump? Ever since I got into remote control cars I always hated having to pick up my car every time it flipped over, all I wanted to do was be able to sit down and watch my racer go. Unfortunately most remote control cars still have problems with flipping over, but now companies like Hasbro are finding a way around this annoying problem! Hasbro has created a new remote control car that has two working sides! This new remote control car is the Tonka XT. The reason this car is able to avoid the constant flipping is because the front and bottom half is smaller than the wheels. The size of the wheels keep the car constantly moving and even if the car flips over the wheels will still be on the ground! The Tonka XT set comes with one Tonka XT remote control car, one remote control, one instruction manual, and one 3.6V rechargeable battery inside the remote control car.

The Tonka XT car is by far a very unique looking car. The stunts it is able to perform and the ability to constantly move is a major plus! For quite some time I have had a lot of experience with remote control cars, and what I have to say is that there are always three major problems with most of these cars! One problem is the constant flipping, the second is the cars response to the remote, and finally the last is the distance this car is able to travel from the remote. These problems are always a major issue, but with the Tonka XT two out of the three problems are fixed. The flipping is easily fixed, and the remote control response. I have tested the distance and it does not go as far as I hoped. The Tonka XT has similar controls to most cars making it easy to get used to. The car needs to be charged, the back wheels have motors driving each wheel, and you have different channels to control your car. The car basically has two forward triggers on the remote, so turning and spinning may be slightly different. As you can see the car is very similar to most remote control cars, but it takes out most of the unwanted features that comes with those cars! Overall I am pleased to see that new remote control cars are performing better and the Tonka XT is one of the new remote control cars with a very good performance! With a unique and sturdy build, this car can with stand any punishment your kids will throw at it making it a fun indoor RC!


– Never flips over
– Good remote control response
– Can perform stunts
– Full 360 turns
– Different Channels
– IR remote Control
– Comes with a Trick Trigger

– Distance to remote
– Sometimes the car can go be a little confusing to control

You can check out the Tonka XT at Hasbro

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Nintendo 3DS with Bonus nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog – Pearl Pink

If you haven’t already purchased a Nintendo 3DS and you are still looking for a cheap, but good portable game system then now is the time to buy because Nintendo continues to release bundles with the 3DS that is cheap and comes with some of Nintendo’s most famous games! Toys R Us is selling a new Nintendo 3DS bundle that comes with a pink 3DS and a nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog game. You can purchase this bundle for $169.99 and you can also receive free shipping with this bundle.

As many people have already heard, the Nintendo 3DS can create images from any Nintendo 3DS game and turn them into a 3D image that does not require glasses! This system can turn any Nintendo 3DS game into a whole new experience which will change anyone’s ideas about portable gaming systems, and because the 3DS has the ability to create these images and having personal experiences with the 3DS I can say that the system does create a 3D image, but it does get a little confusing after hours of play! This bundle doesn’t only come with a 3DS but it also comes with a 3D game! Nintendogs is back with another game that will let you take care of your pets in 3D, and for the first time ever the game will be featuring Kittens! You can now raise both species of animals without deciding which animal you like better! The Nintendo 3DS is a revolutionary gaming system that will change our views on portable games, and now you can purchase this new system with an all new 3DS game!

Purchase this bundle at Toys R Us


Chatman Your Online Friend

Ready to meet a new friend without moving a single step from your computer? Im Chatman is the perfect device. Plug him into your computer and everything you do online will become more amusing. Chatman moves, talks, and can even help with homework. Games and videos are a favorite pastime. He’s there for you anytime and every time. He will make you laugh without fail. When you need a new friend, downloadable new personalities are available from

Perfect for kids?

It’s more than perfect for kids of all ages—including the unpredictable teens. Kids can chat with Chatman or their friends on facebook, skype, MSN, and other social network communities. Chatman features include the ability to move his eyes, ears, and hands. He can talk right back to you with a state of the art build-in speaker and LED mouth sync. He is the perfect friend since he can understand and expresses emotions like a real person. With multiply personalities, you can choose Chatman to be a male or a female with over 2,000 chit chats, 30 customizable moods, and can recognize over 15,000 words. The limitations are not restricted; you can teach him new words and new actions to make him fit in which ever personality you wish. Chatman can play games and watch videos, help with homework by helping you browse for answers in the cyber world, and remind you with calendar events.


With the digital age, cyber safety is a new important concern for parents, but Chatman can help with that. Chatman is not a stand-alone chat platform so he alerts when inappropriate chat is exchanged and when inappropriate web searches are attempted. Parents can add additional malicious expressions or questions to watch out for. Programming to filter web browsing to safe websites only, ensuring Chatman is not disconnected by kids and is always active when surfing the web, and receiving reports of malicious content and dangerous website that were accessed are all within the program to create the optimum safe cyber environment.

At a price of $74.99, the Im Chatman is a great toy for kids of all ages while maintaining a safe cyber environment in the digital age.

Available online at Toys R Us



D2 Series Sky and Giga Dragonoid

The D2 series of Bakugan is probably one of the coolest new Bakugan series that I have encountered! This new series continues to release new Bakugan that really boggle my mind! I was lucky enough to grab the Sky and Giga Dragonoid set because it shocked me beyond belief! When you first take a glimpse at the set you think that it is two separate Bakugan, but you will realize that this set is more like a two in one Bakugan! The set comes with two Bakugan (a sky and giga Dragonoid), one gate card, one instruction manual, and an ability card. Now that you realize that these Bakugan aren’t what they seem, you will notice that you can’t close either Bakugan without combining the two! If you read the instruction manual you will notice that you have to combine the two Bakugan to create one Bakugan ball. When you look at the ball or show it to anyone who doesn’t know the secret behind the ball, they will assume that you only have one Bakugan, but once you roll your Bakugan onto a gate card the Sky Dragonoid will fly out to surprise your opponent! Overall this set comes with a ton of surprises! From the two in one action to the Sky Dragonoid popping open and “flying”! Don’t under estimate these Bakugan due to their size because they are sure to pack a punch!

You can purchase the new Sky and Giga Dragonoid at Amazon

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BAKUSTAND Fangoid Bakugan Hands On Review

The new Bakustand series of Bakugan is like the original version of Bakugan with a slight adjustment! The Bakugan that I received in this new Bakustand series was Fangoid. Fangoid is a serpent like Bakugan that has a high G power and is full of great detail. This set comes with one gate card, one ability card, and one Fangoid Bakugan. The set is nice and will make a great addition to any Bakugan set! Fangoid pops open very simply, and when he is fully extended he looks very ferocious! Now that you know what Fangoid is capable of, you are probably wondering what is so unique about this Bakugan. The reason this Bakugan is different is because it actually has the ability to pop open without a gate card! On the Back of this Bakugan you will find a little switch that can be pulled; once the switch has been pulled then the entire Bakugan will pop open. This little trick really makes it easy to play with your Bakugan especially on the go when you can’t find any metal pieces to place your Bakugan onto! All in all this set is very nice and can really make your Bakugan collection stronger! Fangoid may seem like an average Bakugan, but he really does have a unique twist that makes him different from your average Bakugan!

You can purchase Fangoid at Amazon

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D2 Series Phosphos Bakugan Hands On Review

Once again Bakugan continue to release new Bakugan products that really differ from the old version of Bakugan! Spin Master tries to invent new ways of creating Bakugan into something more than just pop and roll. The new Phosphos Bakugan is a combination of a regular Bakugan with a little twist! The set is for kids ages 5 and up and comes with one gate card, one ability card, one instruction manual, and on Phosphos Bakugan. If you have ever played with Bakugan before than you know that it is basically roll and pop. Spin Master was catching on to the fact that although these toys are cool and still very unique, the pop and roll aspect was going to get old real soon, so they decided to keep the idea of pop and roll and add a simple button to the back of the Bakugan. This Phosphos Bakugan has a special surprise once it pops open. At first you will think that your Bakugan is broken but really if you click the button on the back of this beast you will notice that four extra heads will pop out and will add more G power to your overall Bakugan! This little twist does add a lot more fun to the set, but the set doesn’t end there! This particular Bakugan comes with silver pieces that add to the look and finish of the overall Bakugan! Overall the set is unique, full of great detail, and can make any Bakugan collection better!

You can purchase this new Bakugan at Amazon

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Bakugan Baku Sky Raiders Jaakoor

Bakugan have once again invaded the stores with their all new Baku Sky Raiders. These Bakugan have been greatly improved from the older version
of Bakugan where it was only roll and pop. Now these new Bakugan actually have the ability to “jump” when they pop open! These new Sky Raiders come in different shapes and figures. Jaakoor is a new Sky Raider Bakugan that will make a perfect addition to any Bakugan collection. This set comes with one Baku Sky Raider, one ability card, and one gate card.

The set is a small set that will help add to your collection. The Jaakoor Sky raider is a blast to play with! This particular Bakugan is filled with a ton of detail and comes with really strong springs that can really make this Bakugan take to the Skies! These Bakugan are fun to watch but be a little difficult to set up. The springs are the hardest part because it actually takes some pressure to get the feet back into position because there is a large spring inside of the feet. Overall this set is small, but does not lack any action. The new Baku Sky Raiders are a great improvement from the regular Bakugan and can really make any Bakugan fight exciting!

You can purchase this new Sky Raider at Toys R Us

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CONTEST OVER: IK Multimedia iRig Mic Giveaway

If you’re a singer/songwriter and you’ve been looking for the latest way to record, podcast, and interview then this is the gadget for you! The iRig Mic is the ideal tool to use for anything from singing, performing, instrument recording. To simply use with speech! When plugged into your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad it can be used with any audio app!

The iRig Mic also includes three free apps, fun for all musicians to use! Such as the VocalLive Free, this includes a vocal processor and vocal effects. This app also comes with a metronome, and the ability to have a backing track. Another app included is the AmpliTube Free, which can multiply effect process guitars and basses! Lastly the iRig Recorder Free, which is great for a quick audio processing and recording sessions! The duel mini jack connector can be used on head phones, speakers, mixers, and PA’s!

The sound quality this Mic produces is great for all you young artists because it uses a cardioid pickup pattern to pick up vocal speech and instruments but not the s surrounding environmental noise! For an increased clarity! This Mic also comes with three sensitivity settings that you can pick from depending on the type of recording you wish to do. The low intensity setting is great for quiet sounds, such as ambient sounds. The medium intensity setting works best for acoustic music and interviews. Then lastly, the high intensity sounds works best for live performances and band performances.

For all you aspiring artists, or people who just love to perform and sing, this $49.75 Mic is the Mic for you! Great fun for all ages and perfect for Christmas gift.

More information can be found on the IK Multimedia web site:
iRig Mic



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LeapPad In Stock at Toys R Us!

No matter how hard anyone tries, it is way too hard to get a LeapPad into your hands. Parents all over the country have been fighting for this cool new gadget for their kids. Everywhere I look the LeapPad is sold out, stores are having hard time trying to keep this tablet in stock, but this Saturday, 12/10/11 Toys R Us is going to have a solution that will surely have parents stop their search for this hot and hard to find toy! This Saturday at 6:00 A.M Toys R Us will be restocking on their LeapPad tablets all around the country, every Toys R Us in the nation will have the LeapPad back in STOCK! Hurry up and grab yourself one of these cool new Toys before Toys R Us runs out!

We also have a tracker for LeapPad online, check it out LeapPad Tracker


Crayola Color Studio HD

The new Crayola Color Studio HD color set is a great way to get your kids to have fun without any mess! This new color studio is another great product by Crayola that has really changed my view on coloring. When it comes to coloring pages, kids cannot get enough, yet you can’t stop for one second before “BOOM” your kids accidentally popping the paint cap, or accidentally drawing all over the floor. With the new Color Studio HD color set you will never have to worry about your kids accidentally messing something up! This set is for kids ages 3+ and is $19.99 MSRP. The Color Studio HD color set is compatible with the IPad. This makes coloring fun because first of all your kids are coloring, second your kids are coloring on a cool device that will not produce any messes. The set comes with instruction, a cap, and a marker that you will use to color, you will also need the color studio app which can be downloaded from iTunes for free.

Before I even heard about the Color Studio HD color set I loved watching my younger sister draw her penguins and fairies, but I hated picking up all of her scraps and cleaning up after all of her marker scribbles. The idea of the Color Studio HD color set is fantastic and the marker that you receive with the set is cool looking. The only problems I ran into while using the set was the power button was a little difficult to click, the marker needs to be pressed down a little harder than expected to draw perfectly, and the screw that keeps the battery compartment together is tiny. Other than that, the Color Studio HD color set is fun to use and my younger sister would not give me back my IPad once I lent it to her! The marker draws very clearly thanks to the HD feature of the IPad and the battery that comes with the set is always a good thing. Overall the set was fun to use. Although I didn’t get to use the set that much (because my younger sister wouldn’t give me back the IPad) I still had a blast using this set with the time I did have! The Color Studio HD color set leaves no mess and can really make both the parents and kids happy!

– Very good idea
– Marker draws very well
– App is very nice and free
– The set comes with a battery
– The drawings are in HD
– No mess
– Variety of different markers, colored pencils, and crayons to choose from

– Screw for battery compartment is small
– Power button is hard to click
– iMarker needs some pressure to work

Video Review:

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