Nabi Android Tablet

The world is ablaze with the new, roaring fad: tablets. As various brands—Apple, Samsung, Android, etc.—compete for your support and approval, another tablet enters the market, but this tablet is not just for adults. The Nabi Android Kids Tablet is specifically designed to fit for a child and mommy. Nabi comes with a seven inch screen, 800 x 480 capacitive touchscreen display, 4GB storage, and a 533 MHz dual-core Cortez-A9 CPU. Despite being less “techy” as some people would prefer, the tablet fits perfectly for children to enjoy. The tablet consists of various features for a child to explore for five hours of continuous entertainment—a quality tablet for $200 presale.

Game Console: With multi-touch display, 3D graphics processor, and tilt sensor controls creates a remarkable gaming experience. The tablet already includes 15 free games downloaded—popular games like Angry Birds, Need for Speed, and Fruit Ninja. Android has such a wide variety of apps to download to add onto the variety.

Educational applications: The Fooz Kids University—an award winning learning program—includes 22,000 state standardized math curriculums for Pre-K through 5th grade to allow children to develop their cognitive skills.

Netflix ready multimedia experience: This application lets children to watch movies and TV shows with clarity and clear audio. The 1080 HDMI video playback offers a great movie-like experience anywhere—at home or on the go.

Design Studio: 30+ apps to let children draw, paint, and various other opportunities to let them create professional quality books to open up their imagination to a whole new level of creativity to share.

Library: Who needs a library card anymore? This app includes 30 pre-loaded e-Books to help all children at various levels to encourage reading and improve their reading comprehension and critical thinking.

Camera: Have an aspiring photographer? Or want a way to capture precious memories? This camera feature lets your child take a snapshot of hundred of digital photos to store away and keep.
Mommy Time: Nap time? Time for peace…and perhaps a little with the tablet too. With a tap and a password, parents can enjoy the Android tablet with their own apps, games, and even browse the web.

Available online, check out Nabi Android Tablet Tracker

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