Infinity Blade 2 for Apple iOS

Infinity Blade is back! The producers of Infinity Blade have just announced that on December 1st, 2011 Infinity Blade 2 will come out for Apple iOS only! If you haven’t already seen, the original Infinity Blade has already been released to the Apple store. This game has very intense graphics and wasn’t given the game of the year award for no reason. The original Infinity Blade game is a fighting/action based game where you can slash, block, and parry your way to the God King. Infinity Blade 2 will be a great sequel to the Infinity Blade story line. The game was developed by Chair entertainment, published by Epic Games and will cost $6.99 on the app store.

After playing Infinity Blade on my IPod touch 4th gen I can easily say that this game was probably the best game I have ever played on my IPod. The only problem I encountered was the game play for the first game was short and repetitive. In the new Infinity Blade 2 the story line has been increased so that you will have to go through dungeons and mazes before completing your quest. Along with the new story line, the producers of Infinity Blade 2 also added new weapons and abilities. In the original Infinity Blade game you could only purchase a sword and shield to use for weapons, but now in Infinity Blade 2 you will also have the option of buying heavy, light, or duel weapons and on each weapon you can place gems to increase certain abilities. The new Infinity Blade 2 game is a great addition to the App store; and it will certainly entertain any player for hours because in the new new Infinity Blade 2 game each battle will be a new experience for any Apple iOS users!


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