Ultimate Easy Bake Oven Review

Do you have a child that loves to be in the kitchen? Who helps pour your ingredients and likes to lick the spoon and mixers while you are baking? Then I have the product for your little baker! The Ultimate Easy Bake Oven by Hasbro is here and guess what? No more light bulbs! The oven itself is much more attractive than the previous models and also has a larger interior baking space.

What’s in the box? The Ultimate Easy Bake oven comes with a baking and cupcake pan, a tool to push your prepared mixes into the preheated oven to prevent burns, and also chocolate chip cookie mix, red velvet cake mix, pink frosting mix, cupcake liners, and decorative sprinkles.

I think it has quite a bit included for a retail price of $34.99. I decided to bake a party cake mix for my review. It was incredibly easy and bakes really fast. The new mix was moist and didn’t have the artificial after taste of the old mixes by Betty Crocker. I really was surprised at the taste and ease of preparation and baking. The hard part was getting the oven back in the box so my daughter doesn’t know it was used! Ha! There is also an abundance of mixes with a new twist! I found jumbo soft pretzels, s’mores cookies, and gourmet variations on cake batters and fondants for frosting!

This new Ultimate Easy Bake Oven has evolved and matured from the ones I
had as a kid! The possibilities are endless for decorating when you are working with the fondant mixes. They also are easy enough for children! Who knew? The recommended age is 8+, but I will be letting my four-year-old use the oven with my supervision.

Is it worth the money? This mom says, “The time you spend with your child, talking, laughing, and baking is priceless!” I think that’s a yes!

Available online, check out Ultimate Easy Bake Oven Tracker

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