The Last Guardian

On December 31st 2011 a new PS3 game will be coming out that will surely blow your mind! In my opinion I have never seen a game like this before, maybe it is because I am a first person shooter fanatic and I only purchase certain games, or it could be a truly unique game. I don’t know what it is exactly but I can tell you that Team Ico has done an amazing job on making this game. The Last Guardian seems to be very touching, and the graphics look insane! Most PS3 games usually have amazing graphics, but Team Ico really made this game stand out. The Last Guardian allows you to view the story through the eyes of a boy who is friends with a gentle giant named Trico.

After checking out the preview for the game, and hearing what others had to say about the game, I can say that both the boy and Trico will grow throughout the story creating a stronger bond between the two. The game is mainly a puzzle based game where you will push around pots, dodge guards, climb ledges, and more. The Last Guardian seems to be a game where you don’t just run around endlessly going through random tunnels and rooms, but a game where you will actually see the changes and feelings between the boy and Trico. In my opinion this game will have emotional scenes that will surly get the players to feel the bond between the two friends.

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