Fijit Friends Newbies

Just when you thought the Fijit Friends were the cutest little buddies around, the Fijit Friends Newbies have arrived!!! A small, little companion to the larger Fijits, the Newbies are natural born singers! Nurture them and their songs get better and better….put two together and hear a duet! The Newbies also unlock additional abilities in your full sized Fijit Friend! They available in 4 colors at the moment, but soon they will be available in eight pretty colors! Collect Tika, Zinzie, Zia and Tia!
They are sure to make sweet music together and bring your child an out of this world happiness!

Recommended for ages 6 and up, but smaller children will be able to care for their new friends with a little help from Mom or Dad. Available at retailers like Toys R Us, the Newbies range in price from 15.00 to 25.00 each. They require three nonstandard batteries which are already included, so your new friend is ready to play and sing right out of the package!

Available online, check out Fijit Friends Newbies Tracker





Available online, check out Fijit Friends Newbies Tracker

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