Cyber Monday Deals – LeapPad Bundles

The new LeapPad from LeapFrog is a huge success! People are buying these tablets so fast that stores are having an extremely hard time keeping them in stock. These new tablets are hot, but they can be a bit pricey, but now for a limited time only you can purchase LeapPad bundles at a reduced price! Some bundles would usually cost $225, but at you can purchase the bundle for $199! After Black Friday people are still hyped up about all of the great deals, so Cyber Monday is here to help continue the sales “streak” and with the leapPad bundles going on sale you can get a LeapPad, games, an app card, and more for under $160! Cyber Monday is right around the corner and the famous LeapPad bundles are going on sale!

You can purchase the LeapPad Bundles at

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