zoolert Toys Giveaways!

Here at zoolert we not only do toy reviews but we also give them away! We try to get toys that everyone is dying for like the Sahara Mirage Lalaloopsy dolls or the new Bakugan Mechtanium toys. Every week at zoolert is like a mini Christmas because we will try to giveaway new toys so that different people have the chance to get toys for you and your kids, or we like to make some giveaways longer so different people have the chance to win. Now you’re thinking WOW those look really cool so it must be really hard to get a toy, right? Not quite, here at zoolert we like to try to keep everything as simple as possible to save our fans time but also give everyone a chance to win; most of the rules will be kept simple, for example – like our Facebook page, subscribe to our youtube channel, or like us on twitter. Another week here at zoolert could mean another gift for someone else, so get in on the action and stay updated with all of our giveaways!

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