Zhu-Fari Lion’s Park Playset Hands On Review

Zoom! Zoom! Here they come; the new Zhu pet collectables! There are so many things to collect like the Zhu-Fari Lion’s Park Playset! The Zhu-Fari Lion’s Park Playset is the biggest set so far in the collection. On this set there is a bridge for your Zhu-Fari animals to ride, there is a lion’s tunnel slide and a monkey teeter-totter for your baby Zhu-Fari animals. Also this set includes the Zhu-Fari Lion’s Park main room or building for your Zhu-Fari animals that you can use to connect all of the buildings or rooms together. Also to make the set even cooler; Cepia added zip-line connectors so you can connect zip lines to the Zhu-Fari Lion’s Park Playset. In this set there are countless things you can do with your Zhu-Fari animals and your Zhu-Fari babies! This set has intricate details from top to bottom and has many fun features. Look out for the Zhu-Fari Lion’s Park Playset!

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