New Lego Christmas Sets!

Bricks, Bricks and MORE Bricks! This holiday is going to get a whole lot better because Lego has just released a new series of Lego Winter sets! These new Lego sets include fan favorite themes such as Star Wars to original holiday themed homes. All of the sets are in a Christmas theme and there are so many different sets to collect!

Winter Village Post Office:

The Winter Village Post Office set is for kids ages 12+ and comes with 822 pieces. The set is $69.99 and is a new and exclusive set to the holiday series of Lego! This set has great detail and will make a great addition to any holiday set. In this cozy little town everyone is preparing for the holidays and people are all excited for the arrival of Santa Claus. Make tons of cool scenarios in the life of an average person during the holidays. So get ready to make this ho-ho-ho holiday a very special one with the new Winter Village Post Office set!

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Mini Santa Set:

Even Santa needs a little break before the holidays, and what better way to do it than by skiing, snowboarding, or sledding! This tiny little Santa set is $4.99 and comes with 72 Lego pieces. There are three different Santa’s all doing different winter activities to cool off before the holidays arrive. The Santa’s are all cute and full of funny detail, such as the extended stomachs and the red hats. Even though Santa is as busy as a bee he still needs a break every now and then!

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Holiday Stocking:

One of the most common house decorations during the holidays is the stocking. This decorative sock is a little treat for kids who have been good all year round. Stockings represent candy and joy and what a better way to celebrate the joy of candy and toys then the new Lego Holiday Stocking. This set is $4.99 and comes with 76 pieces. It’s time to celebrate the season with a Lego holiday build and what a better way to start the holiday then a Holiday Stocking build!

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Christmas Tree:

One of the most prized decorations of Christmas is of course the all famous Christmas Tree! Now Lego has recreated this beloved tree into its very own unique building block set! The set comes with 77 pieces and is $4.99. The set has very cool detail and is still very simple. It is mainly composed of your basic green triangle Lego piece with a couple of other knick-knacks all along the tree! Brighten up your Lego mini-figures day with the all new Lego Chrsitams Tree!

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Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar:

Make this Christmas a happy Star Wars holiday with the all new Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar! This Calendar has 24 collectable figures. These figures can range from the average Star Wars Mini Figures such as Yoda or a Clone Trooper to a famous ship from the Star Wars series! The set comes with 266 pieces and is $39.99. So get ready to put your Christmas count down into hyper drive because you will be counting down the days before Christmas with each of these especial figures from the Star Wars Saga!

Available online, check out Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar tracker

Holiday Ornament with Red Bricks:

Want to decorate your Christmas tree Lego style! Well it is simple; Lego has created a new Holiday Ornament that you can use to hang on your REAL Christmas tree. With different colors to choose from (red, yellow, and green), you can decorate your tree in a whole new Lego way. The set comes with 60 Lego bricks that are all put into a clear Holiday Ornament. The set is $7.99 and for kids ages 6 and up. This holiday is going to be a special one with the all new Holiday Ornament!

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