Trash Can Kidz Rose – Hands On Review

Throughout history there have always been a certain group of people who are unable to support their families because they do not produce enough money. These people are unable to take care of their family therefore the kids must be left behind. Other events such as a loss of either parents or a natural disaster can also lead to children becoming poor. Every day, 30,000 children under the age of 5 die from diseases due to a lack of proper health care, and 600 million children world-wide live in absolute poverty. All of these facts may seem tragic but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything! Thrash Can Kidz are a new toy that sponsors an organization called Earth Kidz International. Now you are probably asking yourself how in the world is buying a doll going to help some kids from poverty? Easy, 20% of the money made from the doll goes to the Earth Kidz International organization to be used to help children in poverty all around the world. The doll that I choose to review was Rose; Rose is $69.95 and she comes with the doll itself (you can choose which doll you want), one blanket, one trash can to carry your doll, and one teddy bear.

All of the dolls are created to look as if they made all of their cloths out of trash, and Rose has a trash dress design. The dress is full of patches that were stitched on and she also has slippers and a pink rose in her hair. The design itself is very cute and the blanket is a very nice touch. The blanket is a brown color and has the dolls name printed onto it. The last accessory that comes with the toy is its teddy bear. The teddy bear comes with a tiny Velcro piece under its arm which can be attached to Rose’s hand. Overall the doll is cute but at the same time it has a meaning behind it which makes this doll more than just your average stuffed play toy. It’s time to stand up and take a stand against poverty and help kids in need with the all new Trash Can Kidz dolls!

– The doll is very cute and creative
– The doll has a special meaning behind it
– 20% of the profit goes to Charity
– Comes with a Teddy bear and blanket
– Has a lot of detail
– Dolls cloths portray kids cloths who are in poverty

– The dolls are a little pricey

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Disclaimer: Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own. No other compensation was received.

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