Baku-Trinity: Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Booster Packs – Hands On Review

POP, JUMP, and SPRING into action with the all new Baku-Trinity: Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Booster Packs! These booster packs are for kids ages 5+ and come with three Bakugan, three ability cards, three metal gate cards, and one Bakugan rule book. The Baku-Trinity: Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Booster Pack is pretty much your average Bakugan booster pack, except it comes with all new abilities and Bakugan!

When it comes to Bakugan, I am a huge fan. I could never wrap my head around how Spin Master was able to create these toys. Bakugan in my opinion has always had amazing detail especially for their size, but aside from the detail Bakugan posses one of the coolest abilities any toy could have (the ability to pop open when put on metal)! Bakugan have really come a long way and with the release of the new Bakugan Mechtanium Surge series, Spin Master has really proved what they can do. The new Bakugan in these sets like your Mercury Dragonoid come with detachable heads which can be switched out for higher G powers or the Infinity Helios who has the ability to change G powers by a wheel on its back. All of these new features add to all the excitement of the toy, and opening these packs were always fun because it would always leave my wondering what the closed Bakugan in the pack was. All in all these toys are very cool and having that mystery Bakugan is always an added bonus! So get ready to pop, jump and brawl your way to victory with the new Baku-Trinity: Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Booster Packs!

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Spoiler Alert: Don’t read what is under the “bolded” letters if you don’t want to know what types of Bakugan I found in the booster pack!

If anyone is curious here are all the Bakugan I found in my Booster Packs, which could possibly be in the booster packs that you get as well:

– Infinity Helios
– Taylean
– Mercury Dragonoid
– Titanium Dragonoid
– Infinity Trister
– Krakenoid
– Razenoid
– Vertex
– Wolfurio
– Mutant Taylean

– Ability to pop open
– Different variety of Bakugan
– Amazing detail
– Perfect for starting players
– Most Bakugan have G powers over 500
– Bakugan have new abilities
– Comes with 10 items in total

– Some Bakugan are hard to close
– Not all Bakugan are perfect circles (Mercury Dragonoid)

Here are all three video reviews:

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