Cars 2 Bomb Blastin’ Mater Review

Help! The toys are talking to me! I mean really they are! Cars 2 Bomb Blastin’ Mater is all geared up and ready for some fantastic spy action! I had reservations in spending $69.97 for this toy, but once I played with our beloved tow truck, those thoughts shot right out the window! This toy really does shoot. Mater’s twin Gattling guns are spring loaded and once you put in the little red missiles, you are ready for the ultimate interactive spy mission at the touch of a button. He has a light up tow light, flashing rockets, and over 70+ phrases and sounds. Mater drives, spins, dances, and sings. His eyes and mouth move when he speaks and of course being Mater, he snores, has engine rumblings, ignition turn-overs, and farts! 😉 Your child actually controls activating and deactivating the bomb! There is a countdown and your child must hurry to save Mater from blowing up as he yells, “Get it off me! Get it off me!”

This toy will be any Cars fans favorite present under the tree! As Cars 2 Bomb Blastin’ Mater says, “Playing spy is FU-UN!” The recommended age is 4+ and other than the small Gattling gun missiles I think this toy would be appropriate for any age.

Is it worth the money? This mom says, “Absolutely yes and you will make your child happier than a tornado in a trailer park!”

Available online, check out Cars 2 Bomb Blastin’ Mater tracker

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