Zhu-Fari Pet and Baby Set Hands On Review

Cepia has made other Zhu pet collectable set; they are the new Zhu-Fari animals! There are animals, vehicles, and different buildings to collect! The Zhu-Fari series has many animals from the elephant to the leopard! When you turn these animals on they will run around and make cute little sounds at the same time to make your child’s playtime even better. The Zhu-Fari animals were inspired by the vast Safari. The animals will zoom across the room and the babies will roll across the room close behind, so the fun will never end. They will keep going until you press the buttons on their back. The Zhu-Fari pet set that comes with only one pet cost $9.99 and the Zhu-Fari pet and baby set cost $14.99. These Zhu-Fari animals are fun for kids to play, interact and imagine. So look out for the new Zhu-Fari animal’s collectable sets.

– Very cute, full of detail
– Each animal has it’s own unique animal design
– Has great sounds and interacts when it hits a wall
– Great addition to any Zhu-zhu collection

– Some animals are too big for the playsets (giraffe)

You can purchase the Zhu-Fari animals at Toys R Us and Amazon

Disclaimer: Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own. No other compensation was received.

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