The Lite Sprites Tree Hands On Review

The Lite Sprites Tree of Lite from WowWee toys is here and ready to add some color to your life. This play set sparkles and shines different colors when you hang the Lite Sprites and pods from the tree’s hooks. The Tree of Lite also has a stairway that lights up, a hand activated elevator, and the tree top lights up and spins.

Included in this box are the Tree of Lite, a caterpillar Lite pet, decorative flowers, a connecting path to attach one of 4 extra playsets, and a flower ring for your “little sprite” to wear. The tree also plays enchanting musical sounds when it is activated. I have purchased 4 of the 5 available Lite Sprites and their names are Prisma and Brooke (who came with the Lite Wand purchased separately) and Meadow, Astra, and Bleak.

The Lite Sprites Tree of Lite retails for $39.99 and the Lite Sprites, when purchased individually, retail for $14.99. Now I really wanted to love this toy, as I am a fan of fairies and all things enchanting, but I just was really disappointed. The Lite Sprites themselves are cheaply made and are not very attractive in their features. They are thick, bulky in appearance, and not at all pretty, as you would expect a sprite to be. The only one of the sprites I would recommend is Bleak, the mischievous color stealer, because her appearance is the only one I found slightly appealing. To top it off there are 4 additional playsets that you can purchase to add to the Tree of Light by the connector paths and they are around $19.99 each. They are a swing, flower, windmill, and a waterfall. I purchased the waterfall and when you set the Lite Sprite on its base, it lights up with colors specific to each sprite. More bad news, you also need to purchase the Lite Sprites Lite Wand for around $28.99. The wand can be used to activate specific colors by putting the base of the wand (called the color collector) to a flower shaped color wheel. The bulb at the top will turn whatever color petal you position the base of the wand on top of. Overall this is an expensive toy and I would expect the sprites to fly for the cash I have wrapped up into this Lite Sprite world. It looks cheap, play is limited, and I see no longevity of use for my child. These toys are all recommended for ages 4+ and I think that’s appropriate. The best part of all these I have mentioned is the Lite Sprite pets that come with each sprite and playset. They remind me of Squinkies.

The more I look at these toys, the more I want to return them! Is it worth the money? This mom says, ” No!”

Disclaimer: Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own. No other compensation was received.

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