Mass Effect 3 – Coming out March 6, 2012

Mass Effect 3: Coming out March 6, 2012 – Will be available for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC

It’s time to take back planet earth! In the Mass Effect series a race of aliens known as the Reapers threatened the survival of planet earth. These unknown creatures came to planet earth killing everything in their path; they were merciless and cruel, wiping out all of earths defense. With earth on the brink of extinction, the fate of planet earth rest in the hands of one man. And he isn’t prepared to give it up. Help Shepard gather reinforcements from around the galaxy to stop the Reapers from annihilating what’s left of earth. But Shepard is going to have to put up one heck of a fight if he wants to have any chance stopping these invaders.

Help Shepard on his epic adventure around the universe to gather enough reinforcements to stop the Reapers. But unlike most games, you can create Shepard to your liking. Throughout the story you can determine how events will play out, which planets to explore, and whether you want certain planets to be in an alliance with you. As well as traveling the universe, you can also customize your team with upgradeable gear, and you can add to your team’s arsenal; making them more powerful and harder to kill. With a rich story line, intelligent enemies, and customizable gear the new Mass Effect 3 will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time!

Product Details:
List Price: $59.99
Age Group: Rate Pending

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