Pokemon Rumble Blast Nintendo 3DS Hands On Review

Are you ready to RUMBLLLLE? Just released for Nintendo 3DS is another edition of the world-wide phenomenon that is Pokemon! Pokemon Rumble Blast is here and ready to rock, blast, and electrocute your world in 3D! My kids own every Pokemon title and there was no way that this new game would not make the top 5 of their Christmas list and it did!

I pre-ordered this game from Amazon for $39.99. As a bonus for pre-ordering, I was also given a password to give a lady in a small village within the game to unlock an exclusive character. Pokemon Rumble Blast has traditional search and collect play with over 600 Pokemon to find and collect, as well as 3 additional battle modes. These battle modes are Battle Royale, Charge Battle, and Team Battle. Battle Royale reminds me a lot of Super Smash Brothers and is very addictive in its free for all nature. Charge Battle is a mode in which you build up your Pokemon army and attack! You sort of storm the castle, so to speak, in this mode.

The third is Team Battle where you select any three Pokemon on your team and battle against other gym masters. One of the best features about the 3DS in general is Street Pass, in which you can interact with other players you stumble across while playing. In this game, it allows you to battle other players using Street Pass on their 3DS. You can exchange or trade Pokemon with this cool feature as well.

This title is rated E for everyone 10+ and if using the 3D mode, it is not recommended for a child younger than 7 to utilize the 3D feature. There always is reading involved and sometimes the words are a bit tricky for young readers.

Overall, I love the game, characters, and play. Pokemon Rumble Blast is another title your “little Pikachu’s” will be willing to battle for! Is it worth the money? This mom says, “100% Yes!”

Available online at Amazon, Toys R Us

Disclaimer: Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own. No other compensation was received.

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