Nerf Swarmfire – Hands On Review

It’s time to get in on some real action! The new Nerf Swarmfire will surely put a whole new meaning in dart tag! The set comes with one Nerf Swarmfire, one stock that can be removed and attached, one instruction manual and 20 new Nerf darts. The set is for kids ages 8 and up and is $39.99 (list price). In my opinion Nerf has really improved their new Nerf Blasters because most of their old automatic blasters would not be able to shoot very far and half way through your clip it would jam. This really made playing Nerf disappointing, but when I received the Swarmfire I was very pleased with its performance. The gun never jammed, could easily shoot all 20 rounds and had no problem shooting over 50 feet! The only disappointing thing about the Swarmfire is that the gun is very front heavy. Other than that I thought that the gun could use sights but it was easy to aim without them. The gun itself requires six C sized batteries which is also a little disappointing only because they are expensive and increase the weight of the gun. Overall I would have to say that this is my Favorite Nerf blaster so far. It performs extremely well and can even shot farther than most Nerf guns! The gun never jams and runs very smoothly with the rotating barrel system. With the new Nerf Swarmfire you can truly blast your friends in the all new dart tag game!

– Shoots full – auto
– Futuristic design
– Comes with 20 darts
– Shoots 50 feet
– Removable stock
– Rotating barrel
– Darts whistle as they fly

– The gun is very front heavy
– Requires six c sized batteries (1.5v)
– No sights for aiming

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Disclaimer: Product provided to facilitate this review. Opinions remain my own. No other compensation was received.

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