Richard Scarry’s Busytown Busy, Busy Airport Game

The Busy Town Airport game is just too fun. As a player, you are the pilot in control of the plane. Using the board, you can set up “destination” game boards around the room. You can load up your plane with all your favorite busy town characters. Fly to exotic places like the beach, mountains, or new countries yet to be experienced. At each landing, collect as many souvenirs as you can. The player with the most souvenirs wins. A “board” game will never make you “bored” anymore! With this game, it encourages physical movement, imaginative play, and critical/strategic thinking.

At $19.99, the Richard Scarry Airport Game includes:
• 4 airplanes
• 1 dice tower
• 16 passenger tiles
• 15 souvenir cards
• 4 destination mats
• 2 dice
• And Instructions

Busy Town is thriving with new mysteries to solve. Help find the hidden objects to solve the pending cases. Drive through the bright city streets, eventful farm, bustling airport, and a lively harbor of silly boats. With a six foot long game board, there so many things to discover. As players team up to get to Gold Bug so they won’t leave any part of the board unexplored as they look for objects and race toward Picnic Island. With hundred objects to find and discover, this game provides hours of fun. This game encourages kids to build confidence while having fun, teamwork, attention to detail, and object identification/matching skills.

At $19.99, the Richard Scarry Busy Town includes:
• 6 inch game board
• 4 character pieces
• 1 spinning wheel
• And Instructions

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