LEGO Space Alien Mothership 7065

LEGO Space Alien Mothership has appeared and is terrorizing the city! The poor intrepid reporter was abducted by the clenching claws of the massive UFO as it spun above his head with supernatural alien noises. Have your child help the reporter survive and escape in order to tell his story in the news in preparation for the invasion. With this LEGO set, it includes a large UFO with spinning outer disks, a creepy UFO sound brick, a clenching abducting claw, and two mini-figures: a reporter and an alien commander. With this set, your child can start an alien invasion and attack civilians.

At $58.15, the LEGO Space Alien Mothership 7065 includes:

• Alien Mothership: 19 inches wide, 19 inches long, and 4 inches tall
• 2 Mini-figures: a reporter and alien commander
• UFO sound brick
• Abducting claw

Available online, check out LEGO Space Alien Mothership 7065 tracker

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