Wii Fit Aerobic Step for Nintendo

Losing weight and staying fit is difficult for any busy person. There’s school, work, and daily activities that require more of your time than “exercise,” but with the Wii Fit Aerobic Step for Nintendo Wii, exercise won’t seem like a chore that has to be squeezed into the schedule. As a standard platform, this platform will elevate the Wii Fit Balance by 4 inches. If the platform is laid on its side, it can go up to 6 inches for a maximum work out. As you work out, the platform’s bottom and side are equipped with rubber pads for security and grip. This platform will help exercise time seem more like a fun activity instead of a stressful period to lose weight. With this platform, pounds are readily waiting to be shredded off with a proper diet and a good schedule of regular exercise. Losing weight and maintaining a fit life with the Multifunctional Aerobic Step Platform will help reduce the pricey costs of gym memberships and diet pills that can be detrimental to your health.

At $29.99, the Multifunctional Aerobic Step Platform includes:

• Multi-step platform
• Support system
• 2 support tubs
• Central support system

Available online at Amazon, Walmart

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