Meet Sphero. Who is Sphero? What is a Sphero?

Meet Sphero. Who is Sphero? What is a Sphero? Sphero is the world’s first robotic ball that is completely controllable with a tilt, tap, or touch on any iOS or Android devices. The Wireless Bluetooth connection is reliable for a connection between the Sphero and your device without the need of Wi-Fi. It brings the world of gaming entertainment to a whole new world. It will weave around obstacles or feet, or even try to outrun—or in this case, outroll—the family pet. With this robotic ball, the gaming is never limited. Various downloadable games on the iOS or Android device will let you test your skills in the Sphero drive, challenge friends to Golf, or destroy virtual zombies in the living room. But, the games aren’t just limited to that; new downloadable games are constantly becoming available for the consumer population. There is even an Open AP meaning that any developer can create games and apps for the Sphero for any device so new games and Apps will always be available to purchase for more entertainment. Each app download will let you explore a new aspect of Sphero—surprising you every time.

With the compacted size of a baseball, Sphero can be easily transported in the palm of your hand or in your jacket pocket, but big enough to navigate the terrain of a living room. The Boost Mode will give the Sphero a quick jolt of power to make the seemingly impassable obstacle possible, to outrun a fast opponent, or to evade the chasing family dog. As the Sphero attempts the impossible feats, it can change the color to suit your mood, to create a team color, or just to customize it to your pleasing. With so many colors available, it is impossible to get bored with thousands of colors. To charge the Sphero does not require any wires or plug-ins. Instead, place the Sphero on the charger and the power up with begin.

At $129.99 the Sphero will create a whole new experience for any owner. With so many opportunities, it provides entertainment for different purposes that may suit the mood—a party, a relaxing time, or just for family fun.


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