KRE-O Transformers – Ratchet – Hands On Review

Even with the Autobots on your side, you are still going to need someone to help you when someone gets injured. The best thing to do in a situation like this is call Autobot Ratchet! This new Kre-o Autobot is small but affective. The set comes with 187 pieces and is for kids ages 6 – 12. Autobot Ratchet comes with movable legs, arms and head, and even has doors that open on both the ambulance and robot form. Although Autobot Ratchet is small, he is still full of detail and fun! Compared to Bumblebee, Autobot Ratchet seems to be a lot smaller but at the same time a lot stealthier. With a small design, Autobot ratchet is an easier build.

At first you would find this to be more of a con than a pro, but you could look at it both ways, first of all this set is more for beginners, the simple build makes it very easy to switch from an ambulance into a robot, so anytime you want to build the ambulance or the robot. It should not take you too much time to build. In all honesty, I think that Autobot Ratchet could have been better. After seeing Bumblebee and his features, I fell in love; because Bumblebee made such a good impression on me, I was hoping that Autobot Ratchet would do the same.

Overall, this set is great for beginners as well as anyone interested in transformers because even though Autobot Ratchet may be small he is not lacking in details or playability. Therefore, when the battles get tough and your men need you, Autobot Ratchet is the way to go!

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