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Infinity Blade 2 for Apple iOS

Infinity Blade is back! The producers of Infinity Blade have just announced that on December 1st, 2011 Infinity Blade 2 will come out for Apple iOS only! If you haven’t already seen, the original Infinity Blade has already been released to the Apple store. This game has very intense graphics and wasn’t given the game of the year award for no reason. The original Infinity Blade game is a fighting/action based game where you can slash, block, and parry your way to the God King. Infinity Blade 2 will be a great sequel to the Infinity Blade story line. The game was developed by Chair entertainment, published by Epic Games and will cost $6.99 on the app store.

After playing Infinity Blade on my IPod touch 4th gen I can easily say that this game was probably the best game I have ever played on my IPod. The only problem I encountered was the game play for the first game was short and repetitive. In the new Infinity Blade 2 the story line has been increased so that you will have to go through dungeons and mazes before completing your quest. Along with the new story line, the producers of Infinity Blade 2 also added new weapons and abilities. In the original Infinity Blade game you could only purchase a sword and shield to use for weapons, but now in Infinity Blade 2 you will also have the option of buying heavy, light, or duel weapons and on each weapon you can place gems to increase certain abilities. The new Infinity Blade 2 game is a great addition to the App store; and it will certainly entertain any player for hours because in the new new Infinity Blade 2 game each battle will be a new experience for any Apple iOS users!



Nabi Android Tablet

The world is ablaze with the new, roaring fad: tablets. As various brands—Apple, Samsung, Android, etc.—compete for your support and approval, another tablet enters the market, but this tablet is not just for adults. The Nabi Android Kids Tablet is specifically designed to fit for a child and mommy. Nabi comes with a seven inch screen, 800 x 480 capacitive touchscreen display, 4GB storage, and a 533 MHz dual-core Cortez-A9 CPU. Despite being less “techy” as some people would prefer, the tablet fits perfectly for children to enjoy. The tablet consists of various features for a child to explore for five hours of continuous entertainment—a quality tablet for $200 presale.

Game Console: With multi-touch display, 3D graphics processor, and tilt sensor controls creates a remarkable gaming experience. The tablet already includes 15 free games downloaded—popular games like Angry Birds, Need for Speed, and Fruit Ninja. Android has such a wide variety of apps to download to add onto the variety.

Educational applications: The Fooz Kids University—an award winning learning program—includes 22,000 state standardized math curriculums for Pre-K through 5th grade to allow children to develop their cognitive skills.

Netflix ready multimedia experience: This application lets children to watch movies and TV shows with clarity and clear audio. The 1080 HDMI video playback offers a great movie-like experience anywhere—at home or on the go.

Design Studio: 30+ apps to let children draw, paint, and various other opportunities to let them create professional quality books to open up their imagination to a whole new level of creativity to share.

Library: Who needs a library card anymore? This app includes 30 pre-loaded e-Books to help all children at various levels to encourage reading and improve their reading comprehension and critical thinking.

Camera: Have an aspiring photographer? Or want a way to capture precious memories? This camera feature lets your child take a snapshot of hundred of digital photos to store away and keep.
Mommy Time: Nap time? Time for peace…and perhaps a little with the tablet too. With a tap and a password, parents can enjoy the Android tablet with their own apps, games, and even browse the web.

Available online, check out Nabi Android Tablet Tracker


PS3 Bundle w/ 320 GB PS3 and Uncharted 3 video game

Are you ready for a crazy new PS3 bundle? Play Station 3 is prepared to give you a 320 GB Play Station with a brand new game exclusive to the play station 3! The all new Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is an amazing new game, a perfect game to get your PS3 game collection started. In the Bundle you will receive one 320 GB PS3, one Uncharted game, one PS3 remote, one AC power cord, one AV cable, and one USB cable. The set is $299.99 and the Uncharted game is rated T for teens.

In this bundle you receive a long anticipated game! The new uncharted video game is one of the biggest hits for the PS3! Owning a PS3 is amazing, because I use my PS3 almost every day I can tell anyone straight up that it is a very reliable system and the graphics on the system are amazing! The PS3 is a game counsel that you can really rely on and the games for the system are fun to play. If you are a Sony fan and you want a new PS3 but you don’t own one, then you don’t want to miss out on this new Play Station 3 bundle that is sure to give you hours of play!

You can Purchase this new PS3 bundle at Amazon

For more information about this new bundle check out the Play Station website

Uncharted 3 Trailer:


Fisher Price Imaginext Samurai Castle

It’s time to bring out the warrior in you! Thanks to the Fisher Price creators, you can now battle ninja style! The Fisher Price Imaginext Samurai Castle is the newest addition to the Imaginext family, offering hours of entertainment for your little samurai! The castle includes both a ninja warrior and samurai knight with swords and throwing stars, as well as a removable samurai costume. Loaded with action, the castle also has a zip line, working secret door that opens when a dial is turned, a working cannon, and even a lever that allows real action battles! Turn the statue for a secret entrance, but be careful when the eyes fill with flames, or be prepared to face the ninja stars that fly out of the open mouth of the castle!

This Samurai castle is sure to be a hit with the 3-8 year old ninjas in your house! Due to projectiles, (ninja stars), this toy should be used under adult supervision under the age recommendation. The Fisher Price Imaginext Samurai Castle can be found exclusively at Target and retails for about $44.00. This toy does not require batteries so will be ready to hold a battle right out of the box!

You can check out the new Fisher Price Imaginext Samurai Castle with our in stock tracker


Ultimate Easy Bake Oven Review

Do you have a child that loves to be in the kitchen? Who helps pour your ingredients and likes to lick the spoon and mixers while you are baking? Then I have the product for your little baker! The Ultimate Easy Bake Oven by Hasbro is here and guess what? No more light bulbs! The oven itself is much more attractive than the previous models and also has a larger interior baking space.

What’s in the box? The Ultimate Easy Bake oven comes with a baking and cupcake pan, a tool to push your prepared mixes into the preheated oven to prevent burns, and also chocolate chip cookie mix, red velvet cake mix, pink frosting mix, cupcake liners, and decorative sprinkles.

I think it has quite a bit included for a retail price of $34.99. I decided to bake a party cake mix for my review. It was incredibly easy and bakes really fast. The new mix was moist and didn’t have the artificial after taste of the old mixes by Betty Crocker. I really was surprised at the taste and ease of preparation and baking. The hard part was getting the oven back in the box so my daughter doesn’t know it was used! Ha! There is also an abundance of mixes with a new twist! I found jumbo soft pretzels, s’mores cookies, and gourmet variations on cake batters and fondants for frosting!

This new Ultimate Easy Bake Oven has evolved and matured from the ones I
had as a kid! The possibilities are endless for decorating when you are working with the fondant mixes. They also are easy enough for children! Who knew? The recommended age is 8+, but I will be letting my four-year-old use the oven with my supervision.

Is it worth the money? This mom says, “The time you spend with your child, talking, laughing, and baking is priceless!” I think that’s a yes!

Available online, check out Ultimate Easy Bake Oven Tracker


The Last Guardian

On December 31st 2011 a new PS3 game will be coming out that will surely blow your mind! In my opinion I have never seen a game like this before, maybe it is because I am a first person shooter fanatic and I only purchase certain games, or it could be a truly unique game. I don’t know what it is exactly but I can tell you that Team Ico has done an amazing job on making this game. The Last Guardian seems to be very touching, and the graphics look insane! Most PS3 games usually have amazing graphics, but Team Ico really made this game stand out. The Last Guardian allows you to view the story through the eyes of a boy who is friends with a gentle giant named Trico.

After checking out the preview for the game, and hearing what others had to say about the game, I can say that both the boy and Trico will grow throughout the story creating a stronger bond between the two. The game is mainly a puzzle based game where you will push around pots, dodge guards, climb ledges, and more. The Last Guardian seems to be a game where you don’t just run around endlessly going through random tunnels and rooms, but a game where you will actually see the changes and feelings between the boy and Trico. In my opinion this game will have emotional scenes that will surly get the players to feel the bond between the two friends.

You can pre-order the Last Guardian at Amazon


CONTEST OVER: Trash Can Kidz – Rose Giveaway

We are going to have a giveaway on the Trash Can Kidz – Rose doll. At the end of the contest a winner will be randomly chosen to receive the Trash Can Kidz – Rose doll. Who ever wins the giveaway will also have their name posted on the blog.

– Good Luck 🙂

The Trash Can Kidz – Rose doll was created to look as if she was poor and abandoned. Rose has a trash dress design which looks as if it was stitched from pieces of fabric that she found in the dumpster; she also has slippers and a pink rose in her hair. The doll comes with some papers about Earth Kidz International, a brown blanket, a teddy bear, and the doll itself. The Blanket and bear are a nice touch which completes the outfit for the doll. Overall the doll is cute but at the same time it has a special meaning behind it which makes this doll more than just your average stuffed play toy!


Fijit Friends Newbies

Just when you thought the Fijit Friends were the cutest little buddies around, the Fijit Friends Newbies have arrived!!! A small, little companion to the larger Fijits, the Newbies are natural born singers! Nurture them and their songs get better and better….put two together and hear a duet! The Newbies also unlock additional abilities in your full sized Fijit Friend! They available in 4 colors at the moment, but soon they will be available in eight pretty colors! Collect Tika, Zinzie, Zia and Tia!
They are sure to make sweet music together and bring your child an out of this world happiness!

Recommended for ages 6 and up, but smaller children will be able to care for their new friends with a little help from Mom or Dad. Available at retailers like Toys R Us, the Newbies range in price from 15.00 to 25.00 each. They require three nonstandard batteries which are already included, so your new friend is ready to play and sing right out of the package!

Available online, check out Fijit Friends Newbies Tracker





Available online, check out Fijit Friends Newbies Tracker


Cyber Monday Deals – LeapFrog Toys and Games

LeapFrog is having a GIGANTIC Cyber Monday sales event! At you can purchase certain items that are 15%, 45%, or 50% off! These sound like great deals, but LeapFrog dosen’t end the deals just yet! LeapFrog is also having deals on certain items that are more than 50% off like the Tag Junior: Special Edition Disney-Pixar Toy Story 3 Gift Pack which was $43.98 but is on sale for $19.99! Cyber Monday is coming in less than three days and at certain places like LeapFrog you can save 50% or more on specific items!

Check out for all deals.


Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

Amazon has released some Cyber Monday deals on toys, video games, clothes, and so much more! This Cyber Monday deal will kick off on November 27Th at midnight, and these deals will include Hasbro games, Vtech electronic toys, Ubi Soft video games, and much more items! Check out Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals to save big on cool new toys, video games and more of your favorite items!

Click Here for the Cyber Monday deals at Amazon

Here I will just be naming a few items and categories that will be on sale at Amazon, but you can always check out the link below each category for more items which are going on sale.

– 50% off select Harsbro toys
– 50% off select Vtech electronic toys
– And more……..

Here is the Amazon Cyber Monday deals for Toys

Video Games:
– Battlefield 3
– Fifa 12
– Madden 12
– Call of Duty: Black Ops
– And more……..

Here is the Amazon Cyber Monday deals for Video Games

– Panasonic DMP-BDT210 Integrated-Wi-Fi 3D Blu-ray DVD Player
– Toshiba Satellite L755-S5349 15.6-Inch LED Laptop – Fusion Finish in Matrix Silver
– LG 32LV2400 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED-LCD HDTV
– And more……..

Here is the Amazon Cyber Monday deals for Electronics

Cell Phones & Accessories:
– Motorola DROID RAZR 4G Android Phone
– Samsung Galaxy Prevail Android Smartphone (Boost Mobile)
– Jabra CLIPPER Bluetooth Stereo Headset
– And more……..

Here is the Amazon Cyber Monday deals for Cell Phones & Accessories