Mechatar Robot – Kodar

This toy took me a bit by surprise. At first glance it looks like yet another RC toy that’s geared towards a Sci-Fi generation, but then you find that these guys actually battle each other not only in real life, but then can have battles replayed in the cyber world by uploading them onto the computer! You can also complete missions online and see journeys you have taken in real life play out on the computer in the Mechaverse. Your Mechatar can get instruction and learn new attacks that can then be downloaded onto the actual toy and then used in real life “Earth Battles”. With an entire online community, battles, and technology involved, this is hands down unlike any other RC toy on the market and a sure reason why this is in the hottest toys of the year category!

Kodar is the blue Mechatar , who is labeled as the fierce yet loyal caring protector. He would become an instant buddy and team mate to any child. Other Mechatars include Wrexx and Alpha. Additional weapons can also be purchased.

Mechatar – Kodar

Because of the high end of technology involved in these Robots, there is an age recommendation of 8-10 years of age. Online supervision is suggested as well. All in all, I see this being a long term, quick selling fun toy because of its versatility and uniqueness. They can be found at most retailers for around $39.00 with accessories around $9.99. They are created by Bossa Nova Concepts, who also bring you toys like Skylee the dragon.

Mechatar – Wrexx

Mechatar – Alpha

Available online, check out Mechatar Tracker

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