Skylander’s Spyro Adventures Starter Pack for Nintendo 3DS

Spyro is back with his most challenging adventure ever! I preordered Skylander’s Spyro Adventures Starter Pack for Nintendo 3DS for $69.99. I thought the price was high, but this set included the game, Portal of Power, and three action figures. This is probably one of the most complex and interactive games currently on the market. The three included actions figures each have their own web code and when put on the Portal of Power they come to life in your game. An evil tyrant has frozen these heroes and banished them to Earth. By placing them on the Portal of Power they are “awakened” so to speak and can once again defend Skylands, their home. Each character remembers and acquires new abilities and powers during game play and continues to evolve throughout the game as you play.

This genre of game is out of my league and I had difficulty just getting through the early stages of the game. My nine-year-old son (who this is a gift for) will be up to the challenge though. There are over 30 characters to buy separately to add to your Skylander army. The three that came in my pack were Dark Spyro, Stealth Elf, and Ignitor. Using the web, you can go on quests and play cooperatively or against friends and there are player versus player battle arenas. There are quite a few mini games as well, if your child wants lighter and less in depth game play. I personally feel Spyro has really matured in this game and with that being said so must the players.

The recommended age is 10+ plus, but younger and experienced gamers could definitely get a handle on the concepts with a little practice. I like the concept of the interactive figures, but when the starting set is $69.99 and you need to purchase additional characters to have the full experience of what the game has to offer, it can get very costly.

Is it worth the money? This mom says, “I’ll leave it up to you!” – Heather Eisenhooth

Available online, check out Skylander’s Spyro Adventures Starter Pack Tracker

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