Skylee the Dragon

Skylee is a new interactive toy created for children by Bossa Nova Concepts. She is a cute plush doll with a round belly that holds an egg with a baby dragon inside, also known as her “bebe”. The Bebe interacts with its mother and even helps to unlock new songs and games. The color of your Bebe will be a surpise! She is a fluffy baby dragon and is stored safely in her mommy’s belly in a large white egg. A simple push of a button opens a door to release the egg, and then your child can open it to find Bebe inside!
Skylee comes in 2 colors, Green or Purple. She blinks, sings, flaps her wings, plays games, and says different phrases! She responds to your child’s touch and even interacts with her friends Penbo and Penbino (also by Bossa Nova Concepts).

This seems like a present day, amped up, Furby and will appeal to children on many levels. The “cute factor” alone is sure to be a big hit for many. With sweet sing song voice, big batting eyes, and a fluffy bebe in a hidden egg, this little dragon is sure to win the hearts of all! Add that to the songs, games, and interactive abilities towards human and plush friends, and you have a recipe for one fun toy this holiday season!

Skylee is priced at $59.99 at most retailers, and is geared towards children between 4 and 6, she requires 6 AA batteries. She does come with her very own Bebe and egg in her belly. Additional Bebes can be purchased as well for around $9.99.

Skylee Dragon – Purple

Skylee Dragon – Green

Skylee Bebe Pet – Blue Polka Dot

Skylee Bebe Pet – Pink

Skylee Bebe Pet – Purple

Available online, check out Skylee tracker

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