KooKoo Kennel Puppies

If your child was a fan of KooKoo Birds by Jay at Play, then you have to get the new line of KooKoo Kennel Puppies! I picked up six different puppies from FAO for $12.99 each. These are really cute and each comes with an identical mini stuffed puppy. The Kennel Puppies are super soft and the colors are vibrant. Each one has a unique bark when you squeeze its tummy accompanied by either panting, whimpering, or slurping sounds.

The six I purchased were the Soft-Hearted Bulky St. Bernard, Slobbering Mild-Mannered Bulldog, Lively Polka-Dotted Dalmatian, Good-Natured Loyal Golden Fetcher, High-Strung Totally Pampered PoodleDoodle, and my personal favorite the Scruffy North Highland Hairy Terrier. Along with the larger puppies, you can collect KooKoo Kennel Puppies Mini’s! They come in a box of four puppies for $12.99 and have assorted vehicles you can purchase separately. There are bone shaped cars and they are very reminiscent of the KooKoo Bird Krack Em’ Up Cars. The mini kennel puppies have aviator helmets, goggles, and also come with one dog bed.

Overall these toys are great for younger children, but if they are not creative they may get bored easily. The recommended age for KooKoo Kennel Puppies is 3+ plus, but I see no reason at all that a younger child couldn’t have or wouldn’t enjoy the larger pups.

Are they worth the money? This mom says, “Yes!” – Heather Eisenhooth

Available online, check out KooKoo Kennel Puppies Tracker

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