Megabloks Blok Squad Fire Patrol Station Hands On Review

Accidents happen, but what happens when you accidentally set something on fire? Easy! You call the Blok Squad Fire Patrol Station! If you don’t know the Fire Patrol Station was created by a company known as Mega Blocks. Mega Blocks in my opinion is probably one of the better building block companies out there because of their product quality. Mega Blocks creates building block pieces that have a very nice finish, and because each building block piece has such a quality finish, you know that the quality of your building block sets are going to be amazing, and the Fire patrol station is no exception! The set is large, colorful and is by far my favorite Mega Block set. However, why would this set be better than any other Mega Blocks set? That is something you are going to have to see for yourself, but I can help and explain why I think this set is so great. Before we get into all the details and my opinions on the set, I am going to introduce to you all of the sets features and what is included with the set. First of all you get an instruction manual that is easy to read, but be careful because sometimes I would find myself skipping steps. The set also comes with 956 pieces and 5 Mega Blocks figures. Once everything is built, you get one helicopter, one supply truck, one mini fire truck and one fire truck. All of these vehicles can be put into your Fire station, which is also included in the set. Because this set comes with so many different accessories, the set will also come with many features. All of the vehicles have windows that can be removed to seat one Mega Blocks figure. The supply truck has double doors on the side of the vehicle, which open up to reveal tools, the fire truck has ladders, which can be extended, the fire station comes with working doors and finally the fire station can hold all of the vehicles included in the set.

After looking at all of the features, and what the set comes with, you will notice that there is a lot of stuff! Because this set comes with so many different things, it really makes playing with the set extremely fun. Aside from all of the amazing features and different vehicles in the set, one thing that really sticks out to me is the sets detail. In my opinion, I believe that Mega Blocks has done more that an amazing job on really getting the detail as fine and precise as possible. If you really take a look at the Fire Patrol Station you will notice that each piece is arranged into a real brick pattern. These patterns give the set more of a fire station feel and really finish the look of the fire station. Now that I have explained all of the features, details and accessories of the set, I am sure that the set itself explains everything. The Fire Patrol station comes with so many different features and accessories that you are sure to be entertained for hours! Overall the Fire Patrol Station is an amazing set, in my opinion the Fire Patrol Station is by far the best Mega Blocks set I have ever received, and it will surly keep your kids entertained for hours!

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