Fast Lane JLX Matrix Motorcycle RC

Fast Lane JLX Matrix Motorcycle

Get ready to rule the road with the Fast Lane JLX Matrix Motorcycle! This motorcycle has already been chosen as a top pick this holiday season, and with the amount of awesome it’s packed with, I can see why! With a strong rechargeable 9.6V battery powering this sweet little motorbike, and easy controls, this beast has hours of fun per play session potential!

For its scale size, it’s able to travel its equivalent of 200mph! With two legs for support it hugs curves and keeps balance better than others in its class! Neon green in color with black accents gives the driver a feeling of being in an actual race. Able to do flips and tumbles and bounces on top of reaching top speeds in an instant. Ready to roll right out of the box!

As an exclusive Toys R Us toy, it comes with the promise of the highest quality products available. Priced at 89.99, it’s recommended for kids ages 8-14, but don’t let that age limit stop you adults from enjoying this amazingly fun toy! Get ready for some extreme action with the Fast Lane JLX Matrix Motorcycle!

Available online, check out Fast Lane JLX Matrix Motorcycle Tracker

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