Xia-Xia Confetti Cottage Hands On Review

Where’s your Xia-Xia going to live when the partying is all done? They can live in the new Xia-Xia Confetti Cottage! It’s a small and fun house for your Xia-Xia hermit crabs to play and live in! There are three doors that can be opened so you can play with your Xia-Xia hermit crabs inside the house. There are also two floors, so there’s more fun and more room to store your shells. The set is very detailed from the top to the bottom and the colors on the Xia-Xia Confetti Cottage make the house look more appealing. The Xia-Xia Confetti Cottage can fit up to two Xia-Xia friends on the first floor and five shells on the second floor. There is also a platform for one of your Xia-Xia friend to stand on. Also there is a handle on the top of the Xia-Xia Confetti Cottage so you can be easily carry around your Xia-Xia friends to a friend’s house or on a long road trip. And to top of the icing on the cake, Cepia added a little feature that will actually allow you to attach your Confetti cottage to the Copacabana playset. This feature will allow you to extend upon your Xia-Xia universe, all it takes is a little hook at the end of the Confetti Cottage door that can connect to the Copacabana playset! So watch out for the new Xia-Xia Confetti Cottage!

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