The Baby Annabell Doll

The Baby Annabell Doll brings a whole new level to realistic baby dolls with various interactive features and play modes. When feeding Annabell, her mouth moves just like a real baby when she sucks on her pacifier or when she drinks from her bottle. Just like any baby, when a loud noise explodes, she will cry real tears. With the plush lamb that plays a soothing lullaby, Annabell will fall into a deep, peaceful sleep. When she is awake, she makes lifelike baby sounds: babbling, gurgling, giggling, sucking, and burping. Being a mommy has never been so real for little girls.

At $49.99, the Baby Annabell Doll includes:

• 18 inch Baby Annabell Doll
• Interactive Plush Lamb
• Bottle
• Pacifier
• Pink Romper with Silkscreen Detain
• Bonnet

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