KRE-O Transformers – Bumblebee – Hands On Review

All the action of the transformers is now moving from the theaters into the palm of your hands! Kre-o has recreated one of the hottest hero’s the world has ever seen and turned them into a new building block sensation! Transformers are no longer action figures, but building block toys instead. These new toys are sure to blow you away with their detail and movie like characteristics. Each Transformer has its own unique style, color and detail! Within the Transformers movie series, you will notice that there are a couple of Autobots that happen to be the big stars, and Bumblebee happens to be one of them. For multiple reasons Bumble happens to be my favorite Autobot. He is cool, sleek, and full of detail and like his name, he can surely pack a big sting! Because Bumblebee is my favorite Autobot I was really picky and precise about every little detail on this new Kre-o figure, surprisingly I found almost no problems with the figure itself! Bumblebee was easy to build and very easy to decorate!

The Bumblebee Kre-o set comes with 335 pieces, 3 Kre-o figures and is for kids ages 7-14. In my opinion I loved the set. I really do enjoy the sets detail and playability. The only problem I had was the stickers. The stickers are light. What that means is that it is really easy to rip. So be careful with the stickers, other than that I had no problem with the set at all. All of the Kre-o sets are a 2 in 1 building set. That means that you can build two different figures with just one set! The cool thing is that you can either build Bumblebee into robot or into car, and if you want to build either set you are going to have to start from scratch, which is not a problem because it is a building block set after all. After you finish with either forms of Bumblebee, you will notice the detail is very nice and the ability of Bumblebee is also a very nice touch to the toy. In car form Bumblebee has opening doors and can seat two Kre-o figures. In robot form Bumblebee has movable armor, arms, legs and head. Overall the Bumblebee Kre-set was amazing. It really did not let me down at all and it really captured Bumblebee’s good side!

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