Xia-Xia Copacabana Playset Hands On Review

From the makers of Zhu-Zhu pets, Cepia has created another playset that will surely have your kids dying for more! The Xia-Xia Copacabana Playset is another fun building set for your Xia-Xia friends! The set comes with one Copacabana Playset that you will have to assemble yourself and one instruction manual .The cool thing about this set is that you can connect the Copacabana Playset to the Xia-Xia Confetti Cottage! This will allow you to expand upon your Xia-Xia playset’s as well as make it a lot more fun to play with. I would have to say that this is the coolest Xia-Xia playset because there is so much detail and so much to do in this playset. Within this play set there are four rooms full of detail and a cool color design. One room is the orange platform and the other three rooms are on the on bottom floor.

After playing with the Copacabana Playset I believe that this set offers the most playability, the set comes with multiple rooms as well as different levels. And once you look at the design of the playset it also offers the most color variety. Overall the Copacabana Playset comes with many features that make it my favorite set. The only issue that I had with the set is that it doesn’t come with any hermit crabs or shells, but you can easily find them side by side at any store. So watch out for the new Copacabana Playset!

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