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Once again, Air Hogs has created a new R/C toy. But this isn’t your average R/C. This R/C has more of a mini R/C type body. Now I know what you’re thinking, another mini R/C, yea I know. When I first saw the car, I did see that the car really wasn’t so mini, in fact, the car is right between being a mini and a medium sized R/C. But even then, that didn’t convince me to believe that this R/C was going to perform well. For over 7 years of dealing with Air Hogs, I haven’t seen that much improvement with R/C’s this size. Although Air Hogs mini R/C cars are small and easy to carry around, that didn’t make them easy to control. Most Air Hogs mini R/C’s would not be able to turn this ease, they would always stop once there was an obstacle blocking the inferred signal, or the car would stop once it was about 10 feet away from you. So after I looked at the box I was beginning to doubt that the car could do half of what box said; like auto pairing or ultimate precision. But that’s where I go wrong. When I opened the box, I placed my batteries in and I turned on the R/C. With the slightest touch on the trigger, the car went off. And I was shocked!

The new Hyper Actives by Air Hogs is everything I wanted in an R/C car that size. The set comes with 1x Hyper Actives, 4x rubber all terrain tires, 4x indoor tires, 1x pistol grip remote, 1x instruction manual. Once my hand was on the trigger, the car went flying. As I was watching the car fly down my hallway, I began to doubt the car could make such as sharp turn before it would hit the rails, but again I was wrong. I turned the knob on the remote until I heard a click and the car quickly turned to its right. For about an hour I was glued to this car. I couldn’t believe that this car could perform so well. Finally! Air Hogs took everything they have learned and made one amazing car. This car uses new technology such as ultimate reception to make the car perform so well! This new cars uses auto pairing (to automatically pair your car with your remote for group or individual play), ultimate precision ( crystal clear connection between your remote and your car, no matter where you play), precision responsiveness ( instant response from remote to the car), extreme range ( 2.4GHz for ultimate range). All of these new features truly make this car a top class R/C. Not only was the remote and signal improved but the car itself has also been improved a lot. The car has a suspension system on the back, for off road driving, and the car has a roll bar so that in case your car flips over it will just use its momentum to flip it right side up. Through all my years of playing with R/C’s I have noticed that nothing much has changed, but now the new Hyper Actives is going to take the world of R/C cars and it is going to change it forever!

The Hyper Actives will retail at $49.99

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