Xia-Xia Hermit Crabs Hands On Review

You’ve seen them here, you’ve seen them there, and you’ve seen them everywhere! But what exactly have you seen? The new Xia-Xia toys are all over the place! On ads in your computer and even on live TV commercials! These tiny little hermit crabs are a hot new sensation that is sure to have any kid falling in love! Once again, Cepia (the masterminds behind Zhu Zhu Pets and DaGeDar) have created a great new toy. Xia-Xia is a hermit crab themed toy that reacts when its claws are touched. These motorized toys are small and can fit in the palm of your hand! Within the Xia-Xia series there are four types of hermit crabs. Each crab comes with a unique friend, shell and name (Turks, Bimini, Tobago, and Trinidad). The cool thing about each hermit crab is that it has a cool and collectable friend and shell. These shells can be replaced with other shells (kind of like a real hermit crab!), and each shell can be opened to store your friends inside. The last feature about the shell is that it can seat one of your Xia-Xia friends! Anytime you decide that you want your Xia-Xia friends to ride along with you hermit crab, then you can take your friend and put him onto the little stub, where your friend will be secured into place.

Cepia Cepia Cepis! It’s all I can think of! This toy company has once again blown my mind with another amazing toy. After watching my sisters play with the Xia-Xia hermit crabs, I was pleased to see that they were actually having fun and interacting with the toys. These hermit crabs are very detailed, and for a tiny toy they sure have a lot of features! All in all these toys are very fun to play with and can surly make a kid smile! All of these hermit crabs are $8.99 (retail price) and come with one Hermit crab, one shell and one Xia-Xia friend.

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