Xia-Xia Crab Shells Hands On Review

Cepia is back in town! Once again, Cepia has blown my mind with another great toy! The new Xia-Xia series has so many collectable items for your hermit crabs! These small shell sets are a great way to help expand your Xia-Xia collection! These shell packs include one shell and two little friends that are sure to give your Xia-Xia a whole new look! Within the Xia-Xia series there are two different designs for the hermit crab shells, there is the snail shell design or the beach shell design. So far there are 12 shell packs to collect and each set cost $6.

After playing with these shells, I noticed that each shell comes with its own unique design as well as a unique friend that you can collect. All of these features allow such a small shell to be just a little bit bigger and a lot more fun! Overall, I believe that Cepia has done a nice job on capturing the ability of the hermit crab shells, which is the way a hermit crab can change shells when it needs to! Hopefully there will be more shell sets with even more shells and friends to collect! So watch out for these new Xia-Xia shell packs!

Xia-Xia Hermit Crab Shells Tracker

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