The Orbeez Jewelry Maker

The Orbeez Jewelry Maker Bonus Set will let your child imagination run its course. To make a pendent, attach the empty shaped pendent to the hook. Then choose three colors to fill the empty pendent into a beautiful necklace accessory. Orbeez beads are wet and unique, soft and squishy, fun and funky, bouncy and beautiful. These beads are superabsorbent when added to water that can grow 100x’s its own size. Water is not necessary to make a beautiful necklace. The beads are just as breathtaking as hard and tiny beads to fit into the pendants. Finding the perfect necklace to go with any outfit is difficult, but with this Jewelry Maker, making one that fits perfectly is no longer a chore. Girls of any age older than three years old will find the Orbeez Jewelry Maker Bonus Set will find an outlet for their imagination and reflect their personalities through their own accessories.

At $19.99 the Orbeez Jewelry Maker Bonus Set includes:

• 900 extra Orbeez
• 5 pendants: 2 stars, 2 hearts, 1 disk with special peace sign insert
• 8 colors of Orbeez: interchangeable

Available online, check out The Orbeez Jewelry Maker tracker

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