Meon Animation Studio

The Meon Animation Studio literally lights up various pictures in a new creative way to catch a child’s interest. Your child can make animated signs that light up in neon colors by bending Meon wires that lights up in whatever form its bent, laced, or shaped. This new innovative way requires no power cords or light bulbs or heat. Turning regular pictures into animated Neon-esque works of art is the purpose of the Meon Deluxe Animation Studio. With this set, it includes flashing animations, sounds, and games—like fortune teller, memory game, room alarm, and music visualizer. Additional booster packs are available for more fun and your child can create their own Meon masterpiece or other downloadable templates online for free.

There are various sets available: Disney/Pixar Cars 2, Disney Princesses, and Star Wars.

Meon Booster Packs include: Disney Princess, Disney Fairies, Disney/Pixar Cars 2, and Star Wars.

At $29.99 the Meon Deluxe Animation Studio includes:

• A 15’’ Frame
• 11’ of Meon wire
• 6 picture templates
• 45 pegs

Available online, check out Meon Animation Studio tracker

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