Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids are dolls that have been around for ages. The original Cabbage Patch Kids were individually stitched, which were considered products of art from Cleveland, Georgia. These dolls are, in a way, priceless collectables. Each doll has his/her own name, style, and personality depending on the child who received the doll. Children are able to dress up or down the doll in any way they please using various props and outfits.

These dolls represent the child’s own personality, making the doll their best friend. Cabbage Patch kids are even up for adoption. These adoptions makes your child promise to take care and full responsibility for these dolls, teaching them even the most basic lessons of life—responsibility, respect, and care. Any child—not just girls—in the past have come to love and enjoy these dolls.

As new toys are being innovated, some toys are such classics that they continue to play a major role in children’s lives, and Cabbage Patch kids are a major example of such continuation.

Each doll is approximately $34.99, depending on the store.

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Note: As for the original Cabbage Patch kids, some range from $199 and up.

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