Monster High: Ghoul Spirit The Video Game On DS and Wii

Monster High: Ghoul Spirit the video game on DS and Wii will let your child enter a new horrific entertaining world. Through this portal, you child will mix and mingle with fellow Monster High guys and ghouls, participate in creeparific activities, create a freaky-fantastic reputation, and discover what it takes to be the crowned Scream Queen. You child can create an alter ego with various options from ghoul type, a scary-cute outfit, a killer hairstyle, and customize the skin color to complete the horrific image. With the DSi, take a picture of and ghoulify it! Among the scary activities, your child can take a hair trip for Clawdeem or lead the spirit cheer. With this whole new world, there is no place as fantastic as Monster High.

At $39.99 (Wii), $29.99 (DS), the Monster High: Ghoul Spirit includes:

• Game
• Instructions
• Does not include gaming device

Available online at Amazon Wii or DS

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