Hot Wheels Motorized Vehicles Hands On Review

Hot Wheels is ready to take their cars and upgrade them to the next level! Hot Wheels motorized vehicles are sure to bring the joy of all the older and more popular Hot Wheels products and turn them into a true master piece! These cars include buttons at the top of the vehicle; when pressed the car will begin to perform stunts, tricks, and lights and sounds will begin to go on and off! These features will make the car a lot more fun to play with as well as making the cars look more realistic. All of these cars are based off of older and more popular Hot Wheels car models, and because of the cars sleek design, you will be able to decorate these cars anywhere along your home. These cars can also come in many different shapes and sizes. You can choose from larger cars that can perform more stunts to smaller cars that are easier to bring on the go (each size car has its own unique stunts and design).

Out of all of these cars, I decided to choose the Rodger Doger car and The Hoss Boss mustang. Both of these cars worked very well and looked very nice when I placed it on the table in the family room, but the only difference between these cars was that Rodger Doger was a lot bigger that Boss Hoss and the designs and button on these cars were all different. The variety of buttons to choose from did also keep me entertained for awhile. The only problem I had was that every time Rodger Doger was riding, the car would always drive so far that it would end up hitting a wall. The distance this car could drive was a lot longer than the length of any room in my house. Overall both Boss Hoss and Rodger Doger were fun to play with. Clicking their buttons and letting them perform their signature moves was also very exciting to watch. Hot Wheels has done an excellent job on making these new cars great for any occasion!

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Ford Mustang Boss Hoss and Rodger Dodger

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