Perplexus Rookie and Perplexus Epic

The Perplexus is a fun maze type three dimensional puzzle ball. This game will help build your child’s hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, motor skills, as well as dexterity skills; as they twist, flip, and turn the ball attempting to solve the puzzle. Perplexus is easy to play but hard to complete, ensuring hours of fun and challenge!

The Perplexus Rookie allows children to master the (not so) simple version of the super challenging puzzle. Then comes Perplexus Epic with harder twist, turns and barriers that defy gravity. Both versions of Perplexus are excellent for travel as they do not have any loose pieces.

Perplexus Rookie and Perplexus Epic are both available now.

Perplexus — Rookie and Epic Editions
Price: $22.99 (Rookie) and $29.99 (Epic)
Ages: 6 to 10 years old

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