Wowwee Lite Sprite Tree

Lite-Topia: the Lite Sprites’ home, an enchanted place that continually sparkles with beautiful lights and color. Where is such a place? It is the center of the world, but with this Wowwee Lite Sprite Tree of Lite, it can be at your home. This set creates a multilevel forest hideaway for sprites. It flashes to life with color and interactive sounds, a light up staircase, functioning elevator, and a spinning, sparkling treetop. The Lite Sprite Tree of Lite features a beautiful Canopy with a display of colorful light from the staircase, Sprites and Lite Wand. Four sprites can hang from the canopy in their forest pods when all the fun is over while looking at the spinning canopy that flashes color patterns. The kid-powered elevator can bring up or down Sprites from the tree base or to the balcony holding up to four Sprites for fun!

The fun doesn’t just stop at the Wowwee Lite Sprite Tree of Life. Kids can attach other accessories that can be added onto the play set. Other accessories include four different characters with their pods: Brooke, Bleak, meadow, and Astra. But they don’t have to be lonely; their pets can come along too. With other additional play sets, the Sprites will never to bored, and neither will your child. This play set will let your child enter a magical fantasy to keep her entertained.

At $39.99 the Wowwee Lite Sprite Tree of Lite includes:

• Spinning light-up treetop
• 4 spots to hang up 4 Forest pods that spins
• Light-up stairs
• Personal elevator
• Colorful Lights and magical sounds
• 1 Lite pet
• 1 flower ring
• 1 connecting pathway
• 4 decorative flower accessories

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