uDraw Pictionary: Ultimate Edition for (PS3 or Xbox 360)

Pictionary has been a family game for ages and now it’s available as a game for the Sony PS3 and the Xbox 360 for family fun. This once fun board game—now a video game—includes a whole new way to play and win. Make quick sketches and receive the craziest guesses: the silent charades, but on paper! This experience is complete with new game modes, touch screen gestures and a customizable Pictionary Man game piece that will lead to hours and hours of fun. Family Fun Night never seemed so fun. This game isn’t just restricted to family fun. It’s great for any party. uDraw will keep them entertained the entire time! Anyone can have a blast and enjoy.

At $39.99 the uDraw Pictionary: Ultimate Edition for Sony PS3 or Xbox 360 includes:

• 1500 new clues
• Customizable clues
• Customizable Pictionary Man game pieces
• New holographic design
• 7 new play types with Pictionary Mania mode
• New Family Fun mode with customizable rules

Available online at Toys R Us (Xbox 360), Toys R Us (PS3)

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